My new project: Divinations

A para-academic workshop for business strategy

Hey! Long time no post, I know. I’m emailing to say I launched a new thing and I would love love love for you to check it out :)

Here’s the TL;DR—

  • Divinations is a newsletter on business strategy featuring interviews with founders, investors, execs, and academics. In it, they share stories from their experience crafting and executing company strategy.

  • It’s written by me, Nathan Baschez. I’ve worked in product roles at Substack (yes, this website!), Gimlet, and General Assembly. I founded a company aimed at reinventing books, called Hardbound, that Fast Company named one of the top 10 apps of 2016, and Apple’s editors called “beautiful.” Also, I co-created Product Hunt.

  • The free version gets you the weekly interviews (Thursdays).

  • Full subscribers get the “thing of the week,” every Tuesday, which consists of: reviews of books, articles, and podcasts; strategy worksheets; templates; spreadsheets; business news analysis; etc. (I’ll keep all this nicely organized into a library, too, so it’s easy to find stuff in the future.) Also, you’ll be enabling me to spend time making this good, without selling out! To learn more about paid subscriptions, click here.

You can read the intro post here.

If you think you’re into it, subscribe!

(I won’t be posting much here, so see you over there!)

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